About Toyota

Toyota Material Handling Europe is the European headquarters of Toyota Material Handling Group, which is part of Toyota Industries Corporation – the global leader in material handling equipment.

It provides businesses of all sizes, in more than 30 European countries, with a full range of counterbalanced forklift trucks, warehouse equipment/services, added-value solutions and innovations. Over 90% of trucks are manufactured in our European factories, in Sweden, France and Italy – all to Toyota Production System´s (TPS) quality standards.

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About Toyota Material Handling, Research & Development Center

The Toyota Material Handling R&D department is a creative and dynamic environment, home to several teams of dedicated professionals who are eager to move the world of material handling into the future.

Toyota Material Handling coordinates and integrates all development phases, from basic research to forward-looking technology development and product development to ensure that we rapidly and continuously develop cutting-edge, high-quality, and appealing solutions.

The fast-changing pace of the world as well as the material handling business influence the way Toyota Material Handling works in terms of development and innovation. Disruptive innovation with rapid and unexpected changes in an entire business area will have a great impact on the logistic business as well. This means that we work with new agile ways of development and innovation not only our own but most importantly, together with others.

The future of material handling is not built by one single player; it is built in cooperation between us, our suppliers, partners and even potential competitors. The future will be decided by the entire industry.

To get us there the Toyota Material Handling Europe R&D Department works with seven focus areas: